We believe there is hope for our urban communities.

These young leaders are that hope.

Jesus said,
"I came that they may have life and have it abundantly."
John 10:10

Youth For Christ is raising these young leaders by...


Meeting them where they are

We go into neighborhoods, schools, and juvenile detention centers so an entire community can be transformed.

Our City Life Center, located next to South Side High School, is a leadership center in the heart of our urban community. We believe this is a model that can be replicated in other neighborhoods.


Focusing on relationships

Youth for Christ practices relational ministry. We believe relationships are powerful. We believe healthy relationships with peers and caring adults can lead to real change in a student’s life.

Youth for Christ provides after-school programming, family dinners, club, education initiatives, college visits, mentoring, internships, community service, small groups, juvenile detention ministry, and above all, relationships.


Practicing holistic ministry

Youth for Christ’s City Life program transforms the lives of urban youth, their families and the communities they live in through a holistic approach that meets physical as well as spiritual needs.

Our holistic ministry model focuses on transformational change through:

  • spiritual and moral literacy
  • economic literacy
  • civic literacy
  • educational success
  • basic health and safety

Are Changing
Our Urban

We serve 100+
teens every day

Right now, we serve more than 100 young people every day at the City Life Center in the 46807 neighborhood and hundreds more across the city. These students continue to positively impact our community by becoming...

Lifelong followers of Jesus

Through Youth for Christ’s City Life program, we pursue urban youth and engage them in lifelong relationships with Jesus.

Our goal is to raise up young people who are grounded in and driven by their faith.

Indigenous leaders

Our goal is to raise up indigenous leaders who have shown the desire to be taught in a seemingly unteachable environment, possess the fortitude to lead in a positive manner even when it seems no one is following and have the audacity to shine in the midst of darkness.

When a young leader shows peers from the community a different path for their life, that's what we call indigenous leadership.

And this brings life to our city.

We must do more

This is why we are expanding into more urban neighborhoods and schools.

  • 46806 neighborhood+ Wayne High School and associated middle schools
  • 46803 neighborhood+ Snider High School and associated middle schools
  • 46805 neighborhood+ North Side High School and associated middle schools
  • Increase our Juvenile Justice Ministry Allen County Juvenile Center (ACJC) and additional centers

We believe by expanding into these areas, hundreds of more teenagers will be developed as leaders, shown the hope of Jesus, and ultimately transform our communities.

Consider how you can partner with us to raise up indigenous leaders who will bring Life to Our City!

Expanding our ministry into new neighborhoods.

  • 46806 Center

    New City Life center to serve 46806 and campus ministry at Wayne High School and its feeder middle schools

  • 46803 Center

    New City Life center to serve 46803 and campus ministry at Snider High School and its feeder middle schools

  • 46805 Center

    New City Life center to serve 46805 and campus ministry at North Side High School and its feeder middle schools

  • Juvenile Justice Ministry

    Strengthen impact in juvenile detention facilities within our community

  • Creating the Service Center

    Expanding services of the current City Life center to support all new sites

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